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Round Fishing Boat Angler Platform Watercraft

$ 1,875.00

Round Fishing Boat Angler Platform Watercraft

Benefit from a level of mobility and practicality not ever seen before in a Round Fishing Boat Angler Platform single-person Watercraft. The round, easily transportable Ultraskiff 360 defines a new generation of boats for anglers and hunters who want a ultrastable base of operations on nearly every body of water. The patented hull's deck incline positions your feet for optimum sense of balance when sitting, standing upright, combating a fish or getting in and out of the boat. Superior buoyancy in addition to a low center of gravity ensures resistance to deck pitch, smoothing over rough wakes and also swells. Self-stabilizing design and style further combats "the shakes" you would possibly experience on other compact watercraft when your body struggles to find balance. It also can make it much easier and much safer to departure and get into the craft by acting similar to a funnel that sends pressure and weight towards the center. Two Ultraskiff 360s easily fit in traditional pickup truck bed for convenient shipment. Roll them just like a wheel to successfully move these short distances. At its center, a detachable pedestal mount provides you with a commanding seated perspective in all directions. Storage space options incorporate three large compartments with doors (perfect cutting tables whenever flipped open) as well as four deep utility pockets/cup holders. Rugged roto-molded polyethylene construction takes years of pounding and keeps on floating. Suitable for trolling boat motors, the Ultraskiff 360 has an built-in battery compartment that holds up to Type 31 deep-cycle batteries. Six formed rod stands, equally spaced around the deck, double as being excellent bases for setting up custom duck blinds, tents or sunshades utilizing 1.25" PVC. Four 5" nylon cleats with threaded inserts underneath can certainly be removed and then switched out with exterior rod holders or fish finders. Use the eight strap guides advantageously positioned around the boundary of the boat to attach the boat to roof top racks and trailers. Molded tow ring doubles as an anchor push-pin holder. Watercraft includes two circle magnets, one spacer and a complete set of stainless-steel hardware for installing a pedestal foundation.

  • Round Fishing Boat
  • Angler Platform Watercraft
  • Fits easily in a traditional pickup truck bed
  • Removable Pedestal Mount for Centralized Seating
  • The Patented Rounded Hull Provides Stability While Fishing or Hunting
  • Three Large Compartments with Doors
  • Built-In Battery Compartment
  • Six Built-In Rod Holders
  • Superior Buoyancy and Low Center of Gravity, Smooths out Wakes and Swells
  • 460 lbs. Weight Limit


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