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Roof Rake Brush Snow Ice Removal

$ 72.95

Roof Rake Brush Snow Ice Removal


Undoubtedly the best Roof Rake available on the market with its distinct, copyrighted "Shingle Saver" rollers. This phenomenal Snow Ice Removal roller model is simpler to make use of simply because the blade actually never reaches the roof's surface, stopping possible damage while which makes it as better to push back up the roof top. By making use of the Garelick 89421 21-foot Snow Roof Rake to successfully get rid of snow from roofs, homeowners can certainly protect against the damage of much-publicized ice dams. Ice dams produce water to back-up under shingles, damaging roofs, ceilings and wall structures. Clearing away snow also reduces unwanted extra weight on the roof which could harm the eaves.


Use your Roof Rake year round by adding the Roof Brush!!


  • Roof Rake - 21' (4 sections)
  • Roof Brush
  • Snow Ice Removal
  • Shingle Saver Rollers

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