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Outdoor Fryer Turkey Steamer Pot Kit 30 Quart Propane

$ 114.95

Outdoor Fryer Turkey Steamer Pot Kit 30 Quart Propane

This Outdoor 30 Quart Fryer and Steamer Pot Kit is complete with all the parts and accessories to make a mouth watering deep fried Turkey up to 20 pounds. Contrary to popular belief, deep frying a turkey is the most effective way to seal in all of the natural juices without making the turkey greasy or fatty. You'll be able to enhance flavors in your poultry that you simply will not obtain with conventional cooking techniques. If perhaps you might have never enjoyed a fried turkey on Thanksgiving, it's definitely worth trying!

Handling hot oil of course adds danger to your normal cooking undertakings, however the supplied lift hook helps make removing the freshly fried turkey as safe as it can be. The bottom part of the poultry rack is also perforated, allowing oil to drain right before you transfer the turkey. Remember to always wear your protective gear when you use a fryer. Stay away from bare skin exposure and also exercise caution at all times.

This model is included with steamer supplies so you can perfectly steam your most popular seafood recipes, which include fish, clams, lobster, and more! This additional flexibility expands your entire menu far beyond fried food as well as enables you to appeal to a wider customer base.


  • Outdoor Turkey Fryer
  • Steamer Pot Kit
  • Deep Fryer
  • 30 Quart Capacity
  • Propane
  • Fry up to a 20 pound Turkey
  • 55,000 BTU Burner with Sturdy Steel Base
  • 10 Quart Pot plus Fryer/Steaming Basket
  • 3 Piece Skewer Set
  • 12 inch Probe Thermometer
  • 1 ounce Injector

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