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Musical Tesla Coil Kit Drsstc Midi Solid State Spark Lightning Generator Music

$ 650.00

Musical Tesla Coil Kit Drsstc Midi Solid State Spark Lightning Generator Music
Wow science fairs and audiences with this Musical Tesla Coil Kit. It's powerful music and huge sparks, up to 20 inches in length, makes a stunning display that is sure to have jaws dropping. A PCB-etched primary coil, machine wound secondary, polished spun toroid, and PCB chassis are precision made components that make this Musical Tesla Coil robust and reliable. Every Musical Tesla Coil Kit is perfectly tuned right out of the box, just as long as the driver board is assembled correctly, you can be confident that the coil is performing perfectly. The interrupter (the musical controller) can connect to a Midi input or read Midi files directly from a SD card. Everything your need to construct the kit is included with the exception of a soldering iron, hand tools, a multimeter, and paint-on or spray-on varnish. If you need assistance, a full support forum is in place to help you.
  • Musical Tesla Coil Kit
  • 110v
  • Printed User Manual
  • (1) Full Replacement Part Set - Main PCBs and Components

Technical Specifications


Coil Type: Dual-resonant solid-state


Bus Voltage: 340V nominal


Power Inverter: 2x FGA60N65SMD


Inverter Configuration: Half-bridge


Secondary: 2.5x7", 38.5AWG magnet wire


Primary: Board-integrated spiral primary


Power consumption: 200W nominal


Inputs: Micro SD card, MIDI via DIN5 jack




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