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Ice Melting Propane Torch

$ 42.95

Ice Melting Propane Torch

Melt Ice patches from Driveways and Sidewalks with this Outdoor Ice Melting Propane Torch. Weighing under four pounds, with the propane cylinder (not included), and with a reach of 31", you won't have to crouch or stoop to rid yourself of dangerous ice patches. The torch accepts 14 oz. and 26 oz. propane cylinders. The Outdoor Propane Torch is made of nickel plated steel and brass that withstands the elements. It also can be used for light repairs on the roof. In the summer months you can use it to Control Weeds in the Garden and to clear weeds from driveway and sidewalk cracks.
  • Outdoor Propane Torch
  • Ice Melting Torch
  • Melt Ice and Snow from Driveways and Sidewalks
  • 31" Reach
  • Constructed of nickel plated steel and brass
  • Weighs under 4 pounds with propane cylinder (not included)
  • Adjustable Flame Control
  • Ideal for getting rid of Weeds in the Garden
  • Accepts 14 oz. and 26 oz. propane cylinders


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