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Acoustic Guitar - For Beginners and Pro's

$ 169.95

Acoustic Guitar - For Beginners and Pro's

This Entry Level Acoustic Guitar is the Epiphone DR 100. The DR 100 is the best selling Guitar among Beginner and Professional because of the look, sound and build quality. With it's classic shape, the Dreadnought is the go to guitar for rock, bluegrass,country, folk and everything in between.The top is made of spruce, which a rich and complex tonewood that improves and breathes the more it is played. The body and neck are made from mahogany. The neck is glued at the 14 th fret and features a 25.5" scale. The bridge and the fret board are made of rosewood. This Acoustic Guitar can let itself be known and has a balanced sound that is great at any level. Epiphone has a century of Guitar making experience to produce an awesome sound for an awesome price.
  • Entry Level Acoustic Guitar
  • Epiphone DR 100
  • Available Colors: Black, Natural and Vintage Sunburst
  • Spruce Top - This tonewood's sound enriches with age and frequency of play, so, Play As Much As You Can!
  • Body is made of Mahogany
  • Bridge is carved Rosewood
  • Classic Black Pickguard embossed with the "Epiphone" E
  • Mahogany Neck - Slim Tapered Shape - Rosewood Fret Board - Pearloid Dot Inlay
  • Sloped Dovewing Headstock - Die-Cast Premium Tuners
  • Stings - D'Addario 12,16,25,34,41,53
  • Fun for Beginner and Pro alike


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