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Outdoor Heated Cat Shelter Water Resistant

$ 79.95

Outdoor Heated Cat Shelter Water Resistant

Provide your Outdoor Cat with some protection from the elements this winter with this Heated Outdoor Cat House. This Kitty Condo is made of 600 Denier Nylon that has a vinyl backing (which makes it Water Resistant) to keep your pets dry and comfy. There are two exits on this Pet Pod that gives your poody tat a means of escape from predators. The Lectro - Soft Cat Bed warmer (comes with fleece cover) only uses 20 watts of electricity, that heats up to 102 degrees, to keep your kitty warm all winter long, plus the 5'5" power cord is wrapped in steel to prevent chewing. This outdoor Cat House Shelter is easy to assemble (and break down for easy cleaning) with it's velcro walls and zippered roof. There is also a clear storm flap that goes over the doors to keep the elements out. With it's 14" x 18" floor space, this Kitty Cottage can accommodate more than one cat, depending on the size of the cats. Also available in a unheated version for warmer climates and it's great for indoor cats, giving them a place of solitude.
  • Heated Outdoor Cat Shelter House
  • Constructed of 600 Denier Nylon with a Vinyl Backing
  • Water Resistant
  • Lectro-Soft Pet Bed Warmer with washable fleece cover
  • Heats up to 102 degrees
  • Ideal Shelter for an Outside Cat during the Winter
  • Kitty Condo Shelter
  • Easy to assemble - No tools required
  • Velcro walls and a zippered roof
  • Two entry doors with clear storm flap
  • Color: Olive Green or Black and Gray (there is no choice of color)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Pet Pod Cottage
  • Available in unheated version also ( olive green )
  • Dimensions: Exterior- 22" x 19" x 17"  Interior- 17" x 13" x 16"


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